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Supporting, engaging and inspiring the community though a range of workshops and educational pathways. Working in partnership with local schools and other referal services to help those who need our help the most. We help by making lasting change in people lives, helping with future planning, goal setting, aspirations, communication and wider life resilience, education and employability. 


We help uplift the Community by bringing people together. We provide a range of inclusive sporting and physical activities for our service users to take part in.  Boxing and fitness is one our most successful programs which helps develop the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our service users. We harness the power of neuroplasticity, and our abilities to develop our neurology and mindsets. Working and connecting together we build upon strength and resilience within the community. 


FFG Foundation was formed due to the board of directors noticing a huge need of support services within the area.

Working in partnerships we support local people in their times of need.  We are based within County Durham an area which sadly has a suicide rate 37.5% higher than the national average. We aim through our work to improve quality of life and have a direct impact on reducing this national statistic.


Bringing the community together

We believe in bringing the community together, providing support, friendship and helping people advance further in life.  A study published in Health Affairs highlights a benefit to cohesive communities. In the study, which tracked 2,264 children from 1998-2000, researchers found that neighbourhoods with high social cohesion fostered better mental health outcomes for adolescents. 

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“Knowledge is power, community is strength, and positive attitude is everything”

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That thing you've just shared about boxing and mental health. I wasn't gonna comment on as it's super personal. But before i started your gym i had been off work sick for 4 months with depression and anxiety. I was pretty bad. Nearly sectioned. No medication worked and quite frankly i didn't want it. I wasn't motivated to get dressed nevermind train, i felt so self conscious though and stuck.. Then i brought my kids to get them out the house (and me) then i decided to try the women's class as the coaches were so encouraging and understanding and it's literally the best thing i've ever done. I look forward to going and some days need to. Honestly, Its the best thing and the biggest thing that helped my mental health. I'm now back at work phased return and done 3 classes this week. bossing it thanks to you guys!! Its the family feel and knowing your pushed but also understood and not just a number in a gym like the norm.

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